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            葩星12522120 淘寶旺旺passiontechinc






            關鍵詞: EtherCAT,,Network,Configuration,,,Diagnosis EtherCAT

            簡介:EtherCAT® Network Configuration and DiagnosisThe EC-Engineer is a powerful software tool used for configuration and diagnosis of EtherCAT® networks. Using this single tool one can handle all required engineering and diagnosis tasks in a quick and comfortable way. The modern, clear and very intuitive user interface, which is also rarely using popup dialogs, is crucial for a smooth experienc...
            品 牌 ixxat ixxat
            產 地 德國
            型 號 PXF2623
            折 扣 其他電詢


            黃工-工業總線-工業自動化-實時仿真 ID:2937

            ? ?機電電子工程專業碩士,機械設計制造及其自動化/計算機雙學士,高級工程師




            趙工-總線系統-嵌入式系統-工業自動化 ID:2940

            ? ? 機械電子工程,嵌入式系統專家,高級工程師

            ? ? 嵌入式項目開發,ARM,Freescale,Infilion等系列單片機系統開發,DSP嵌入式系統開發,FPGA系統開發,項目經驗豐富。





            EtherCAT® Network Configuration and Diagnosis

            The EC-Engineer is a powerful software tool used for configuration and diagnosis of ethercat® networks. Using this single tool one can handle all required engineering and diagnosis tasks in a quick and comfortable way. The modern, clear and very intuitive user interface, which is also rarely using popup dialogs, is crucial for a smooth experience in configuring and diagnosis of customer s EtherCAT® systems.


            Standard- and Expert View

            The neatly arranged Standard View enables customers to create an ethercat® configuration within a view simple steps. It hides more rarely used parameters and options - these can be enabled using the Expert View.

            Restriction to the essentials

            The available options and dialogs of the EC-Engineer can be restricted to those topics which the control system (master system) actually supports. This is one of the significant advantages of the EC-Engineer, it helps in quickly create configuration files with no need for try-and-error loops. The so-called EMI (ethercat Master Information) file will define all the properties and the scope of performance of the master system. Among 其他s, the available cycle times, support of mailbox protocols, DC synchronization or Hot Connect can be set. The EC-Engineer is shipped with pre-defined EMI files which cover the functionality of an EtherCAT Class A and Class B master. Those will serve as templates to enhance or restrict the function according to the customer needs.

            Multiple Languages

            The language can easily be 改變d without the need to restart the application. Besides German and English, also Asian languages like Japanese, Chinese or Korean are supported.

            Online or Offline Configuration

            Using the EC-Engineer the ethercat configuration can be done "offline" in the lab/office or "online" when 連接ed with the real EtherCAT network on the machine. It doesn t matter whether the EtherCAT slaves are 連接ed with the local Windows PC where the EC-Engineer is running or with the control system where the control application s master stack is running. In either case the slaves and the network topology can easily be determined using the "Bus-Scan" feature. In case the slaves are 連接ed with the Windows PC, the integrated Windows EtherCAT Master is able to run and verify the system. If the slaves are 連接ed with the control system, the master stack running on the controller will take over communication and provide all services and information to the EC-Engineer which are needed for diagnosis.

            Fixed process data memory layout for the slaves

            A unique feature of the EC-Engineer is the ability to set an arbitrary fixed data memory layout for a single slave or a group of slaves. It is possible to set the address of a slave to the desired fixed location in the process data areay. This address then will not be 改變d in case any 其他 slaves are added or removed. The desired memory location can be set to different values for input and output data.

            Powerful Diagnosis

            The EC-Engineer is a sophisticated tool for diagnosis as well. Using a TCP/IP 連接ion with the ethercat Master both, master and slaves can be explored. Display of the system status and the process data content as well as more complex functions like reading the object dictionary or downloading new slave firmware are available then. A special view is provided for analyzation of erroneous or incomplete EtherCAT bus startup.

            General Features

            • Configuration of multiple master systems within one project
            • ethercat Slaves 連接ed to the Windows PC
            • ethercat Slaves 連接ed to the control system
            • Tree View and Topology View
            • ESI and EMI Manager
            • Multiple Languages
            • Modern User Interface based on Microsoft WPF technology

            Configuration Features

            • Import ESI (ethercat Slave Information) files according to ETG.2000
            • Export ENI-(ethercat Network Information) files according to ETG.2100
            • Automatic determination of the 連接ed slaves (bus scan)
            • Slave device copy and paste including all parameters
            • PDO selection and configuration
            • Adjustment and appending of ethercat slave init commands
            • 透明integration of MDP (Modular Device Profile) Slaves
            • Fixed memory layout of slaves or
            • Distributed Clocks (DC) Settings
            • Definition of "Hot Connect" groups
            • Programming Station Alias Address
            • Other Master and Slaves parameters

            Diagnosis Features

            • Master- and Slave State (display and control)
            • Process (I/O) data (display and control)
            • ESC Register (read and write)
            • EEPROM (read and write)
            • Master And Slave Object Dictionaries
            • Mailbox transfers (Service Data Objects upload and download)
            • Firmware upload and download
            • Comparison of configuration and real network

            Additional information

            Please request additional informationen in our download area.

            價格列表: EtherCAT--Network-Configuration-and-DiagnosisEtherCAT,,Network,Configuration,,,Diagnosis
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            相關產品: EtherCAT--Network-Configuration-and-DiagnosisEtherCAT,,Network,Configuration,,,Diagnosis
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