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            ET1100-EtherCAT從站協議芯片 - EtherCAT從站 - 關鍵詞:ET1100



            關鍵詞: ET1100,EtherCAT從站

            簡介:EtherCAT Slave Controller OverviewAn EtherCAT Slave Controller (ESC) takes care of the EtherCAT communication as an interfacebetween the EtherCAT fieldbus and the slave application. This document covers the followingBeckhoff ESCs: ASIC implementations (ET1100, ET1200), functionally fixed binary configurations forFPGAs (ESC20), and configurable IP Cores for FPGAs (ET1810/ET1815).Table 1: ESC Main F...
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            產 地 德國
            型 號 PXF0967
            折 扣 其他電詢

            EtherCAT Slave Controller Overview

            An EtherCAT Slave Controller (ESC) takes care of the EtherCAT communication as an interface

            between the EtherCAT fieldbus and the slave application. This document covers the following

            Beckhoff ESCs: ASIC implementations (ET1100, ET1200), functionally fixed binary configurations for

            FPGAs (ESC20), and configurable IP Cores for FPGAs (ET1810/ET1815).

            Table 1: ESC Main Features




            IP Core



            2-3 (each
            max. 1xMII)

            2-4 (each

            2-3 MII or
            2 RMII

            2 MII











            RAM [KByte]





            Distributed Clocks





            Process Data Interfaces

            Digital I/O





            SPI Slave





            8/16 bit μController





            On-chip bus






            The general functionality of an ESC is shown in Figure 1:


            Figure 1: EtherCAT Slave Controller Block Diagram

            EtherCAT Slave Controller Function Blocks

            EtherCAT Interfaces (Ethernet/EBUS)

            The EtherCAT interfaces or ports connect the ESC to other EtherCAT slaves and the master. The

            MAC layer is integral part of the ESC. The physical layer may be Ethernet or EBUS. The physical

            layer for EBUS is fully integrated into the ASICs. For Ethernet ports, external Ethernet PHYs connect

            to the MII/RMII ports of the ESC. Transmission speed for EtherCAT is fixed to 100 Mbit/s with Full

            Duplex communication. Link state and communication status are reported to the Monitoring device.

            EtherCAT slaves support 2-4 ports, the logical ports are numbered 0-1-2-3, diverly they were

            denoted by A-B-C-D.

            EtherCAT Processing Unit

            The EtherCAT Processing Unit (EPU) receives, analyses and processes the EtherCAT data stream. It

            is logically located between port 0 and port 3. The main purpose of the EtherCAT Processing unit is to

            enable and coordinate access to the internal registers and the memory space of the ESC, which can

            be addressed both from the EtherCAT master and from the local application via the PDI. Data

            exchange between master and slave application is comparable to a dual-ported memory (process

            memory), enhanced by special functions e.g. for consistency checking (SyncManager) and data

            mapping (FMMU). The EtherCAT Processing Units contains the main function blocks of EtherCAT

            slaves besides Auto-Forwarding, Loop-back function, and PDI.


            The Auto-Forwarder receives the Ethernet frames, perdivs frame checking and forwards it to the

            Loop-back function. Time stamps of received frames are generated by the Auto-Forwarder.

            Loop-back function

            The Loop-back function forwards Ethernet frames to the next logical port if there is either no link at a

            port, or if the port is not available, or if the loop is closed for that port. The Loop-back function of port 0

            forwards the frames to the EtherCAT Processing Unit. The loop settings can be controlled by the

            EtherCAT master.


            Fieldbus Memory Management Units are used for bitwise mapping of logical addresses to physical

            addresses of the ESC.


            SyncManagers are responsible for consistent data exchange and mailbox communication between

            EtherCAT master and slaves. The communication direction can be configured for each SyncManager.

            Read or write transactions may generate events for the EtherCAT master and an attached μController



            The Monitoring unit contains error counters and watchdogs. The watchdogs are used for observing

            communication and returning to a safe state in case of an error. Error counters are used for error

            detection and analysis.


            The integrated reset controller observes the supply voltage and controls external and internal resets

            (ET1100 and ET1200 ASICs only).

            PHY Management

            The PHY Management unit communicates with Ethernet PHYs via the MII management interface. This

            is either used by the master or by the slave. The MII management interface is used by the ESC itself

            for restarting autonegotiation after receive errors with the enhanced link detection mechanism, and for

            the optional MI link detection and configuration feature.

            Distributed Clock

            Distributed Clocks (DC) allow for precisely synchronized generation of output signals and input

            sampling, as well as time stamp generation of events. The synchronization may span the entire

            EtherCAT network.


            An EtherCAT slave can have an address space of up to 64Kbyte. The first block of 4 Kbyte (0x0000-

            0x0fff) is used for registers and user memory. The memory space from address 0x1000 onwards is

            used as the process memory (up to 60 Kbyte). The size of process memory depends on the device.

            The ESC address range is directly addressable by the EtherCAT master and an attached μController.

            Process Data Interface (PDI) or Application Interface

            There are several types of PDIs available, depending on the ESC:

            Digital I/O (8-32 bit, unidirectional/bidirectional, with DC support)

            SPI slave

            8/16 bit μController (asynchronous or synchronous)

            On-chip bus (e.g., Avalon for Altera FPGAs or OPB for Xilinx FPGAs)

            General purpose I/O

            The PDIs are described in Section III of the particular ESC, since the PDI functions are highly

            depending on the ESC type.

            ESI EEPROM

            One non-volatile memory is needed for ESC configuration and device description, typically an I²C

            EEPROM. If the ESC is implemented as an FPGA, a second non-volatile memory is necessary for the

            FPGA configuration code.

            Status / LEDs

            The Status block provides ESC and application status indivation. It controls external LEDs like the

            application RUN LED and port Link/Activity LEDs.

              ET1100datasheet.pdf (6.6MBytes)

            參數資料: ET1100-EtherCAT從站協議芯片ET1100,EtherCAT從站
              價格列表: ET1100-EtherCAT從站協議芯片ET1100,EtherCAT從站
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